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Elezioni Egitto. Risultati finali preliminari


elezioniPolitical parties

Free Egyptians claims majority of party seats won in parliamentary elections. The liberal Free Egyptians party, owned by business and media tycoon Naguib Sawiris, appears to have secured the majority of party seats with a total of 65 winning candidates. Mostaqbal Watan (future of a nation) party said they won a total of 50 parliamentary seats in the two election phases. Meanwhile, the liberal Wafd Party said they secured a total of 45 parliamentary seats. The ultra-conservative Salafist Nour Party said they garnered 12 seats in both polls phases. In the 2011 parliamentary elections, the Nour party gained second party majority in the parliament with around 24 percent of seats.


Political party                               Ideology                      Seats

Free Egyptians Party                        Liberal democrats            65
Nation’s Future Party                       Populism                           50
Wafd Party National                         liberals                               45
Homeland Defenders                       Party Populism                 17
Republican People’s                         Party Populism                 13
Al-Nour Party Salafi                         Islamist                              12
Conference Party National              liberals                               12
Conservative Party                            Conservatism                     6
Democratic Peace Party                   Nationalism                        5
Egyptian Patriotic Movement         Ex-NDP                               5
Egyptian Social Democratic            Party Social liberals          6
Freedom Party                                   Ex-NDP                               6
Modern Egypt Party                          Ex-NDP                               3
My Homeland Egypt Party              Populism                             3
Reform and Development Party     Liberal                                 1
Tagammu Party                                  Leftists                                1
                                                  Political parties members           Independent         Total
Phase 1                                                            108                                                    105                    213
Phase 2                                                              87                                                    124                    211
Party list members                                         55                                                      65                    120
Total                                                                250                                                   294                   544


We can see in Phase 2 that the number of independent candidates is greater than political parties members (124 vs. Elections photos 487) while in Phase 1 they were almost equal. The party list For the Love of Egypt included also independent members. But globally the number of independents is greater than political parties members. Why? Because Ndp had been burnt and destroyed. The Muslim Brotherhood took the road of violence. We can say that political parties are passing by a recovery phase and most of them are new-born.

Women parliament members

The women rise: the biggest coalition in the parliament with 85 members! 71 women are now members of the new parliament while they are waiting for 14 other women which will be appointed by the president according to a law that didn’t expect a so big number. Moreover, more women can be elected in different postponed areas.

Phase 1:

Individual: 3 as independents + 2 as political parties’ members

Party list: 28 members

Phase 2:

Individual: 7 as independents + 4 as political parties’ members

Party list: 28 members

So far, waiting for the annex, they succeeded to win 16 seats (10 as independents + 6 as political parties’ members Source. In the MB parliament, 8 women won and 5 others had been appointed to get a miserable percentage of 1.5%.


36 Copts parliament members. For the first time in the Egyptian history 12 Copts won in an individual election race in four different governorates: Minia (1), Giza (1), Assiut (1), Cairo (9). 24 others won through the party list (For the love of Egypt).

Copts representation in the parliament from 1976 to 2005

1976: 0 elected +8 appointed

1979: 4 elected + 10 appointed

1984: 4 elected + 5 appointed

1987: 6 elected + 4 appointed

1995: 0 elected (among 57 candidates) + 6 appointed

2000: 3 elected + 3 appointed

2005: 1 elected (Botros Ghali + 6 appointed)

2010: 2 elected + 7 appointed

2012: 7 elected + 5 appointed

Conclusion: Since 1976 (40 years) only 27 Copts had been elected!

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