«Lei sogna di ..far tredici? » Ma lo farà sicuro!

Gianni Rodari

For the love of Egypt


egittoYesterday I did my national duty and choose my candidates for the new parliament. What did you choose could be the first question? On the party list I choose for the Love of Egypt and for the individuals I choose a candidate from an important but small leftist party. On my way to the polling station I saw an old couple walking closely and each one of them supporting the other on their way to their polling station. It was a fantastic scene. I told my daughter: It seems that old persons are more conscious of what is going on. But after that I saw a mother with two young ladies most probably her daughters on their way to vote and I am saying now that it seems that women are more conscious of what is going on than men!

When I reached my polling station I found an innocent boy about 9 years old outside the school who told me: If I will tell them “hammer” will they allow me to enter? I want to vote! I told him: Even myself I could not enter because it was the lunch hour; and I returned later on. You will find attached some photos taken during this first day. Some of them are unique but I will not tell you which one.

Futuro Quotidiano

Since October 15, Futuro Quotidiano published eight articles I wrote. With the Russian airplane, France terrorist attack, Syria meeting and the parliamentary elections, it had been big events.

Paul Attallah



Il Cairo

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