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Trump wrong steps

The migrants problems had been caused by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar interference in Syria affairs through their support to many Islamic militias. The migrants problem will be solved when these countries will be forced to stop their support to these militias.

Trump instead of contacting the Syrian regime to put an end to the Syrian war, preferred to contact the Saudi king to create safe zones under the Saudi/Qatari/Turkey control. This step will cause the prolongation of the Syrian war for another decade.

Trump said that he will no more interfere in Arab countries affairs. But by calling the SA king he interfered “par excellence” in the Syrian affairs.

I shake to watch Trump talking in the name of Christianity. Pope Francis said that he is not. The maximum score he can get is an affiliation to the Christian Zionism mixing religion with politics like Muslim fundamentalists dreaming of an Armageddon battle which will allow the return of Jesus-Christ: Alleluia!

In fact, Trump is a copy of the terrorist Netanyahu who is implementing the following strategy:

1) Build a wall around Israel (Netanyahu praised Trump’s wall)

2) Create a Jewish State, purged from all Arab garbage.

3) Apply collective punishment for any attack against Israel occupation. In fact, the seven countries travel ban is a collective punishment while everybody knows that the US is the country who gave birth to all those terrorists…

Travel ban

Germany will support those affected by US travel ban, says Merkel

One million sign petition to cancel Trump’s state visit to the UK after travel ban

Trump’s Muslim nation travel ban plunges airlines into chaos

EU parliament’s Brexit negotiator says US joins Russia and IS as threats to EU

Obama ‘heartened’ by protests against US travel ban

Former US President Barack Obama has criticized the travel ban policy of his successor, Donald Trump. It comes as Washington’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against the executive order, labeling it unconstitutional.

Trump fires US Attorney General Yates who defied travel ban

Trump travel ban illegal, ‘mean-spirited’: UN rights chief

Iraq parliament approves ‘reciprocity’ to US ban

Chicago’s Archbishop Calls President Trump’s Immigration Order ‘a Dark Moment in U.S. History’


Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman agree safe zone plans in Syria and Yemen

Lavrov: Syria ‘safe zones’ possible if Damascus agrees

No Syria safe zones without our okay, Damascus demands

Moallem says plan favored by Trump administration will violate sovereignty unless coordinated with Assad regime

Trump’s Proposed “Safe Zones” in Syria Could Lead to Military Escalation and a Broader War

Turkey and Russia skeptical of Trump’s plan to create safe havens in Syria

Syria regains Damascus water supply plant

UN: Wadi Barada water-supply sabotage is a war crime

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Just Issued a Blistering Statement Against Christians Supporting Trump’s Muslim Ban

Pope suggests Trump ‘is not Christian’

Pope Francis warns against populism, citing Hitler


Trump affirms Christian Zionist letter calling for U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem


Russian experts to arrive in Egypt for final inspection of airports: Sources


Quebec mosque shooting suspect charged with six murders


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