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Gianni Rodari

Isis declaration of war


war 1No doubt that Isis declaration of war started since the Russian aircraft crash. We are the ones who downed it by the grace of Allah, and we are not compelled to announce the method that brought it down. The success of the attack, on the first anniversary of his alliance with Isil, was a “blessing of our gathering under a single banner and leader,” meaning Isil and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi”. This is the statement given by the terrorist Abu Osama al-Masri. I am astonished that after the Russian aircraft crash all the attacks had been addressed against Egypt blaming its security system and nobody dared to say: Let’s wipe up Isis as this blogger wrote on the 7th of September 2014: So why not keep going?  ISIS, as we mentioned, are a lot like Orcs.  No one minds killing Orcs.  They’re scum.  They’re vermin.  Why not wipe them out?  Indeed, there’s no reason to let even one of them remain alive. Is there? (September 7, 2014) In fact, Islamic State’s thugs are trying to wipe an entire civilisation from the face of the earth. Just as the Nazis destroyed synagogues as well as those who worshipped in them, so Isil aspires to erase all traces of those it condemns as kuffar.

Between Vienna I Syrian talks (October 23) and Vienna II (November 14) we got the Russian plane crash (October 31), Beirut attack (November 12), and France attacks (November 13). Why? Because Vienna aims to establish a new equation in Syria: The Syrian regime + the opposition against Isil and this equation had not been agreed on in the beginning. Moscow and Washington already agreed who are the “opposition” and who are the “terrorists” and agreed about a transitional period. If Vienna will fail to create this reconciliation between the regime and the opposition, it will be the victory of ISIL, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s wipe up Isil from the face of the Earth.

Paul Attallah


Il Cairo

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