Sogni, promesse volano... Ma poi cosa accadrà?

Gianni Rodari

Happy Christmas and Mouled el Nabi


So we are celebrating the birth of Jesus-Christ and Mohamed: good for us… In Tahrir square they installed a light-tree giving the star of Natale and the Mouled el Nabi symbol. See the slideshow attached. I hope for the New Year we will be able to to end with all those fundamentalists who are trying to eradicate the “others”.

What is common between the Zionists and the Islamists?

1) Both of them want a pure country unspoiled by other ethnics or religions (A Jewish State and an Islamic State)

2) Both of them caused a huge population transfer to get the land without the people and causing a humanitarian disaster.

3) Both of them are using “sacred texts” to justify their actions which are against human values.

4) Both of them have their lobbies in the United States.

But despite all these fanatic efforts, the Christians are still celebrating Christmas and its tree can be found in many Arabic countries.

Paul Attallah


Il Cairo

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