Sogni, promesse volano... Ma poi cosa accadrà?

Gianni Rodari

Il punto di vista. L’Arabia Saudita vuole danzare sola nell’arena siriana?


arabia sauditaSaudi Arabia is complaining that Iran is interfering in their internal affairs. But what about Sa who is bloody interfering in the Syrian ones: Assad must go by the easy way or the hard way. If we have to support Saudi Arabia in its “just cause”, it means that Saudi Arabia must stop interfering in the Syrian affairs through its guerillas. Otherwise, it means that Saudi Arabia wants to dance alone in the Syrian arena: we will decide who the opposition representatives are and who the regime representatives are. Then we have to ask ourselves: why this rush in executing those Shiite guys few days before the beginning of the Syrian talks? The intention is clear: to get ride of the Iranian influence, which is good, but for what? To impose the Saudi Arabia will on Syria?

I would like to listen to this voice: Let us listen to the Syrian people. Let’s them decide what future they would like to have. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. Sa by excluding Iran wants to be the star of a “one man show”. Finally, about the execution of those Shiite guys, is it still allowed to execute people in this easy and bloody way? What’s the difference between Isis and SA? (In fact, Isis = Sa). (see cartoons attached). If Saudi Arabia wants to establish a Sunni coalition against a Shiite one, we are not at all in a mood to tolerate something similar. In fact, Saudi Arabia created already this military Sunni coalition few weeks ago. Is there anybody to take those crazy people to a mental hospital? Who can forget this miserable day on the 16th of June 2013 in which Morsi and his Brotherhood gathered all the jihadists in Egypt and announced that they will send fighters to Syria?

During this meeting several prominent Sunni sheikhs, including Sheikh Mohamed Hassan, used sectarian speech against Shias, and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya’s Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud called them “unclean.” (Negsin or angas) Few days later Sheikh Hassan Shehata with three other Shiite in Abu Nomros (Giza) had been killed and their bodies dragged in the village streets. In this miserable day, the Egyptians understood on the spot that this president is not theirs and those people gathered in front of him are not the Egyptians. We don’t have to forget that we were just one week before the big “Egyptian revolution” on the 30th of June 2013.

Paul Attallah


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